Three Ways to Improve Your Sales Language

In all areas of life, communication is key. Good communication helps us show gratitude, express concerns, avoid misunderstanding, and ensure that our needs are met. Communication is also very important to sales and using the right language can help insurance agents build connections, increase their sales, and satisfy their clients. To improve your sales language […]

4 Potential Reasons for Your Sales Slump

Sales slumps: they can happen to anyone, at any point of their insurance agent career. But that doesn’t mean that anyone enjoys a period of low sales or underperformance! When you’re in a sales slump, you might feel frustrated over a lack of solutions, or might not know what exactly is causing your sales to […]

Winning Back a Client After a Negative Experience

At some point in your career, you may come across someone who had a bad experience with your company. Perhaps they worked with your company in the past and were unhappy with the results, or had a negative customer experience that soured their opinion. In some cases, they may have even worked directly with you. […]

Tips for Improving Your Follow-Up

Even if you’ve just delivered your best sales pitch yet, your work is far from over. To secure a great sale—and to create lasting relationships with your clients—following-up is just as important as your sales pitch. If you’re looking to improve your follow-up skills, here are a few tips to help you finalize your next […]

The Importance of Empathy in Sales

Empathy is the ability to understand and feel the experiences of another person from their own unique perspective to better understand their thoughts, emotions, and reactions. Empathy is important in our everyday relationships, and can strengthen your connection with everyone in your life, from your own family members to strangers at the grocery store. And […]

The Power of Meaningful Messages in Marketing and Sales

The Challenges of Creating a Meaningful Message The best approach to creating a successful, meaningful message that your audience will engage in is to ensure the individual feels recognized and appreciated. The goal of your message should be to alleviate a pain point, supporting a demand, or simply offer enjoyment. However, there are some obstacles […]

Mastering Influential Sales Methods

There are five top fears of sales professionals: rejection, objection, change, talking on the phone, and inquiring. However, fear typically comes from the uncertainty of what is to come. The [best] way to combat that fear is to prepare for all scenarios. Rejection, objection, change, talking on the phone, and inquiring are all integral to […]

The New Year: Creating New Goals

New Years is the best time to strategize new goals across all departments. Most people are already motivated and usually prepared for changes to occur. Incorporating individual and professional goals can help align business objectives and create a more collaborative, productive effort. Here are some business New Year’s resolutions. Revamp the culture. From re-evaluating your […]

Tips for Writing Effective Sales Language

The art of persuasion involves a complex system of effective communication and tact in approach. Like a great sales pitch, written sales language needs most of the same finesse that a sales pitch would need if presented in person. Since a person cannot read your body language and expressions or hear the tone of your […]

Making Sales Pitches Successful

Much like baseball, knowing when and how to read the target audience (the pitcher) through practice allows you to hit that home run (aka. secure the sale). There are so many types of sales pitches to choose from, but let’s break it down into two categories: word count and brevity pitches. In developing all pitches, […]