The New Year: Creating New Goals

New Years is the best time to strategize new goals across all departments. Most people are already motivated and usually prepared for changes to occur. Incorporating individual and professional goals can help align business objectives and create a more collaborative, productive effort. Here are some business New Year’s resolutions.

Revamp the culture. From re-evaluating your expectations or incorporating new ways to connect with others in the office, revamping your culture and strategizing new approaches to projects can refresh motivation and maintain a clear goal in mind. Incorporating flexible work arrangements can help reduce employee burnout, health complications, and rifts in the team dynamics. Learning to properly delegate projects and tasks can also lighten workloads and strengthen the business through employee engagement.

Learn a new skill. Part of truly enjoying your position within a business is enjoying the work that you do. One way to revive that and keep yourself fresh is to learn a new skill. It can be relevant to your field, or simply something you’ve always wanted to learn. If your company offers tuition assistance, it is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of. There are also plenty of free online courses where you can brush up on your own skillsets or explore new fields that can all be applied to your workplace.

Give back. Whether you give back through your community outreach or within your organization through mentorship, giving back when and where you can is always a great goal to have, especially entering a new year. In giving back to your community, you build up your reputation within the community, create connections with people in other organizations that can open doors to further opportunities, and all while giving your time and effort to a cause you believe in. Becoming a mentee and/or a mentor can help both individuals and the company as a whole. Mentorships can bring forth your skills in leadership, communication, and collaboration, as well as help you identify areas you need to brush up on or could benefit from further education.

In brainstorming your goals for the new year, be sure to also reflect on specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based (SMART) goals. Smart goals will help you strategize more effectively and refocus on what truly matters to you and your business. Regardless of what your goals may be for the new year, Insured Solutions can help you attain them. Equipped with a PEO Exchange program, Insured Solutions offers a wide array of full-service HR, payroll, workers’ compensation, and employee benefits solutions. Contact us today to learn more about innovative approaches to reach your goals.





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