The Importance of Empathy in Sales

Empathy is the ability to understand and feel the experiences of another person from their own unique perspective to better understand their thoughts, emotions, and reactions. Empathy is important in our everyday relationships, and can strengthen your connection with everyone in your life, from your own family members to strangers at the grocery store. And when it comes to being a successful salesperson, empathy could be the factor that makes or breaks your next sale.

When someone is on the other end of your sales pitch, it means they’ve come to you with an issue that needs to be addressed. They may be motivated by basic business needs or a desire to increase their own goals. In some cases, they might even be motivated by fear or worry, and require your help to find an ideal solution to their problem. They might be excited for the chance to hear your solutions or ideas, or come into your pitch experiencing emotions like trepidation, anxiety, or doubt.

In short: each potential client is a person with valid needs, desires, fears, and goals. They may come to you expecting a sale pitch, but they are also looking for someone who can meet their needs. They want to be treated like a fellow human being, and not just a number, a business transaction, or the endgame of your own goals. Additionally, many people may also be seeking more than just a quick solution. They want someone who can make them feel valued, supported and respected not just during the initial sales pitch, but throughout their entire business relationship with you. They want to feel like they are being listened to and supported, and need to feel like you have their best interests in mind.

No matter what emotions your perspective client is feeling, you can improve your sales pitch by approaching the situation with empathy. If you get the sense that a client is anxious about making a change, ask yourself why they might be feeling this way. Try to understand why they might be feeling the way they do and imagine how you might react if you were in their exact situation. You can increase your empathy during a sales pitch by asking yourself questions like:

  • What does this person want?
  • Why do they want it?
  • What might be holding them back?
  • What are their concerns, and how can I address them?
  • Why might they be reacting this way to my pitch?

To further implement empathy in your sales approach, you can also ask questions to gain a better understanding of your client’s needs. By asking them questions about their own goals, desires, and concerns, you can create a positive, comfortable environment and foster a progressive, collaborative dialogue that can help you nail your sales pitch and meet your client’s needs.

By taking an empathetic approach, you can achieve a greater understanding of your potential client’s wants and needs. Once you’ve identified the answer to these questions, you can tailor your pitch to fit exactly what each individual client is seeking.

Everyone wants be treated with dignity and support, and your perspective clients are no different. By asking questions, listening to each person’s thoughts and concerns, and responding thoughtfully, you can use empathy to make sure your next sales pitch is a great success and form a long-lasting business relationship.

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