Improving Your Reacquisition Strategy

The client acquisition process isn’t without some struggle for members of a sales team. There is an inordinate amount of pressure put on managers and leadership to ensure client retention numbers are either stable or increase throughout the year. A dip in client retention means the sales team has to work even harder to not […]

The Digital Transformation of Sales Teams

Do you remember when products and services used to be “sold” in a physical sense? Or how about the time when salespeople were the subject matter experts when it came to everything there was to know about a sale? But these days, sales processes and sales management have changed thanks to rapid technological advancements. Technology, […]

Structuring Your Sales Team for Success

Teams need structure—this goes without saying. But sales teams need to operate within a specific structure in order to ensure prospects and opportunities are moved promptly through the sales process. A weak foundation or improperly designed sales process can directly affect company sales and the team’s success.  While there are variations of sales team structure […]

Pulling Your Sales Team Out of a Slump

Repeatedly pitching a product or service, facing rejection, and working with strangers is all part of the sales job—but it’s not easy. It takes a certain caliber of person to take on this challenging role at any organization. There are good days, and then there are days where you realize you won’t be able to […]

Understanding HR Analytics Before Your Next Sales Call

In the world of sales and marketing, the marketing teams are typically more interested in focusing on data concerning customer engagement in regard to sales and marketing assets, email marketing and digital engagement, and the response and ROI when it comes to content. Sales teams, however, are more concerned with how the assets convert leads […]

Making Your Client the Hero of Your Sales Story

Creating a narrative around your company’s brand is never a bad idea. There is always a story that can help to not only differentiate your organization from others in the industry but sometimes a good story is the best way to convey your product’s hold on the market or the overwhelming benefits reaped by other […]

Small Business Strategies: Closing the Sales Loop

In most businesses, the sales and marketing teams work closely together to market a product or service and sell the product or service. This loop is often heavily focused on the marketing efforts, leaving the sales strategy flapping in the wind. If your budget permits, spending the time and energy to create a strong sales […]

Five Ways to Inspire Employee Loyalty

Longevity at the workplace was once commonplace. Employers now are faced with improving tangible benefits (e.g. unlimited PTO, extended maternity/paternity leave, profit sharing, or stock options) to sway employees into staying onboard longer or to lure good candidates through the door. For example, of the people planning to look for a job this year, more […]

Workers’ Compensation for Telecommuters or Remote Employees

The statistics supporting telecommuting or remote employee positions are hard to miss. For example, about 3%[1] of the US workforce spends at least half of their time working from home. And this trend is only moving upward. It is projected that before 2030 nearly 38%[2] of full-time employees will be working remotely. What is the […]

Building a Better Employee Handbook

Employee handbooks are generally one of the first documents a new hire will receive. Whether it is delivered electronically prior to their start date or printed and hand delivered in their orientation packet, employee handbooks are very powerful pieces of documentation.  In many cases, the employee handbook is one of the only documents employees are […]