Three Ways to Improve Your Sales Language

In all areas of life, communication is key. Good communication helps us show gratitude, express concerns, avoid misunderstanding, and ensure that our needs are met. Communication is also very important to sales and using the right language can help insurance agents build connections, increase their sales, and satisfy their clients. To improve your sales language and communications, three important areas to focus on are brevity, clarity, and urgency.


You’ve probably heard the oft-quoted Shakespeare phrase about how brevity is “the wit of the soul.” When it comes to making a sale, brevity is a key component of your sales toolkit. Using brevity, or making an effort to be exact and precise in your communications, allows you to get immediately to the heart and substance of your sales pitch, ensuring that you’re not wasting your client’s time—or your own—with any unnecessary filler. By getting straight to the point, whether you are communicating via email or face-to-face, you show your potential clients that you’re approaching the situation with confidence and that you value their precious time.


Along with being concise, you also want to be clear when communicating with potential or existing clients. While you might be familiar with all the jargons and technicalities of your everyday work, remember that it’s all likely new to your clients. Particularly when communicating with a client for the first time, increase clarity and understanding by avoiding complex jargon, unexplained acronyms, or other industry-specific terms. These are likely unfamiliar and confusing to others. To improve clarity in your communications, you should also avoid vague statements or explanations, as this can be off-putting for potential clients, who might see the lack of clarity as a lack of knowledge or confidence.


Finally, increase your communication skills by using language that fosters a sense of urgency. When a potential client comes to you, they likely have a question or concern that they want quickly addressed. Using urgency-focused language shows that you’re on top of their needs and requests. To convey urgency, replace vague statements, like writing “I’ll get back to you ASAP” in an email with purposeful and specific statement, such as a promise to call with a solution by the end of the day. This highlights that you value each client’s concerns and time. It also helps you set goals and specific timelines for meeting your client’s specific needs and expectations.

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