Five Ways to Inspire Employee Loyalty

Longevity at the workplace was once commonplace. Employers now are faced with improving tangible benefits (e.g. unlimited PTO, extended maternity/paternity leave, profit sharing, or stock options) to sway employees into staying onboard longer or to lure good candidates through the door. For example, of the people planning to look for a job this year, more than 54%[1] started their current job less than a year ago.

To keep recruiting, onboarding, and retention costs low, employers are integrating new ways to inspire loyalty among employees.

  1. Openly express appreciation. Show, tell, and shout it from the rooftops! Acknowledge good performance, no matter how small the project. Be specific when delivering praise to let the employee know what exactly about the employee’s actions or result proved helpful.
  2. Be a leader more than a manager. The main difference between leadership and management is direction and vision vs assigning and planning. While both roles are needed to continue the forward momentum of the organization, the leadership role will allow you to cultivate positive employee morale and work environment and build a strong foundation from which relationships can be forged. Leaders can also use their influence to encourage and motivate employees! Businesses where leadership and support were lacking resulted in employees who felt they were able to be more productive.[2]
  3. Be proud of your company! Employees can start looking elsewhere for employment if they don’t feel proud of where they work. Employers who are proud of the organization, their role, the industry, and their employees can make a positive impact on their environment and the people around them. Support your organization in company-sponsored events, participate in celebrations or volunteer opportunities, and share in messages of goodwill and positivity.
  4. Get to know your team and peers. Making time to personally connect with your team or peers should never be frowned upon or looked at as a waste of time. As someone in a managerial position, lend a helpful ear, leave judgment at the door, and aim to see people for who they really are. Show employees you care through a true open-door policy where you can have meaningful, authentic conversations.
  5. Create a worthwhile sub-culture. While executives have helped decide company goals, spend time to create a sub-culture specific to the team or department. Each team should have a strong vision that employees can directly relate to with values employees can strive to achieve. Set team expectations and provide your team with the tools and support to exceed those goals on the way to the next! Each of the team goals should feed to a larger organizational goal. This helps keep the team focused and inspired to stay loyal to the group as a vital element of the whole.

While there may not be a shortcut to achieving long-term commitment and loyalty from every employee, there are a number of ways you can update your current procedures in order to inspire commitment and loyalty. Through dedication to making employees a priority, employers will find their staff becoming fixtures of a growing, industry-leader. Partnering with a PEO allows businesses to focus on their employees without the burden of HR administration. Contact us today to learn more.



[1] HR Drive: Study: Many Plan to Job Hunt After Less Than a Year on the Job

[2] Personnel Today: Employees Say Mental Health Support Would Improve Loyalty

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