Three Key Steps for Creating a Workplace Safety Plan

When it comes to safety, it’s always good to have a plan! By creating an accessible and efficient safety plan for your employees, you keep your employees safe from on-the-job injuries and promote a culture or health and safety. Additionally, a safety plans protects your business from heavy fines, complex liability issues, and rising Workers’ Compensation costs. To get started on designing a great workplace safety plan, follow these three steps.

Step 1: Figure Out Your Needs

To get started on creating a workplace safety plan, think about the safety concerns or potential safety concerns facing your employees and workplace. For example, your employees may operate complex machinery or engaged in repetitive tasks, which can lead to repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Identity risks around the workplace and consider asking your employees or team members to weigh in with their own thoughts. By identifying potential issues, you can then take steps to address them in your employee safety plan.

Step 2: Establish Clear Goals

When designing a safety plan for your workplace, come up with an objective that you want to reach. To set an objective, think about the safety goals you want to address or the solutions you want to find. Then, set an attainable and measurable objective for yourself and your team. Your objective should also be very clear, so that everyone knows what they are striving toward. By setting a goal, you can keep your team motivated and better measure the success of your new safety program.

Step 3: Communicate

Communication always plays a role in workplace safety. It is especially important when designing a workplace safety plan. Once you’ve analyzed your workplace’s needs and come up with clear objectives, don’t forget to make sure your employees are kept in the loop. Let them know about the safety plan and how it will be implemented. Make sure they are aware of the end goal and their own role to play in meeting it. By communicating with your employees, you can ensure that everyone is making workplace safety their top priority.

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