What Perks Do Your Employees REALLY Want?

For business owners, perks and benefits play a huge role in supporting, retaining, and appreciating employees. But while most companies offer health insurance packages and retirement plans like a 401(k), many overlook the perks they’re employees really want. To better retain and support your employees and set yourself apart from your competitors, consider these unique perks.

Flexible Scheduling

Even your most devoted team members can have sudden issues come up. For example, they may be the sole caretaker for their family and need to stay home to care for a sick child, or need to take an elderly parent to the hospital. Other times, an employee may prefer to work partially from home, or want to come into work early on certain days so they can leave early to pick up a child from school. By offering flexible scheduling that allows your employees to set their own reasonable schedules, employees can show they value their employee’s needs without cutting down on productivity.

Help with Tuition

Particularly among younger employees, tuition support or reimbursement is a valued workplace perk. Though tuition reimbursement, an employer can pay for a pre-determined amount of college course credits for an employee, or reimbursement they for taking courses for a pre-approved list. Oftentimes, businesses will only offer tuition reimbursement for courses designed to help the employee succeed in their company, like financial or business management classes. While tuition reimbursement is a coveted perk for employees, it also helps employers. Offering tuition reimbursement is more likely to attract employees with higher education credentials, and increases the chances of employee retainment.

Pet-Friendly Workplaces

One of the most unique perks a workplace can offer is a pet-friendly workplace! While this might not be the choice for every business, some have found that allowing pets in the workplace gives employees the time they need to focus on their work, as they don’t have to worry about rushing home to feed or walk a furry friend. Pets can also cut down on stress and anxiety for some people.

Choose What Works for You

While there are plenty of unique perks you can offer, it’s important to decide what’s best for your employees and your workplace. Whether you’re offering a 401(k) plan or allowing pets in the office, what matters is that your employees are supported in a way that works best for your company.

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