Staff Spotlight – Gwenda Catalano and Lisette Torano

Get to know Insured Solutions’ new employees Gwenda Catalano and Lisette Torano!

Gwenda Catalano

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What’s your position with Insured Solutions?
Gwenda: I’m a Work Comp Adjuster from Sacramento, California.

What do you do to unwind?
Gwenda: I love photography. I take a lot of pictures of flowers, sunsets, and just about anything in the nature. I have a husband and children, we enjoy camping. We go a lot to the ocean.

That sounds serene, and I’m sure California provides some great material for photos. Switching gears, what has work looked like for you before you joined Insured Solutions?
Gwenda: I’ve been in Work Comp for 10 years. I’ve worked at Travelers Insurance as a Medical Team Assistant, then APEX Investigation doing AOE/COE investigations, then Sedgwick Insurance, where I handled medical claims & Indemnity claims. Now I’m here with Insured Solutions as an in-house adjuster handling claims. I couldn’t be more happy here!

And what was your first impression when you joined the company?
Gwenda: I like how everybody is willing to help. If somebody doesn’t know it, they’ll find it. They’re always willing to dig deeper or find somebody that knows the answer. Everybody always helps everybody.

You’ve been working with Steve Petty, right?
Gwenda:  Yes. He’s been super helpful, Mike and Eric as well. They are great, the whole team, Laura, Becky, Kayla, Debbie & Mary have been very supportive and welcoming, everybody is willing to lend a hand to answer questions to get me up and going. I’m very, very pleased and thankful to have this opportunity to work with such a great company and team.

That’s really good to hear! Thanks for chatting with us today.
Gwenda:  Thank you.

Lisette Torano

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Where are you originally from?
Lisette: I was born and raised in Miami, Florida.

And what’s your position at Insured Solutions?
Lisette: I am the Human Resources Representative on the West Coast.

You graduated with a Business Administration degree with a concentration in Human Resources. What were your plans when you left University?
Lisette: I wanted to practice HR thanks to my Collective Bargaining and Arbitration Professor in College. I had just moved back to Miami from Delaware with my daughter when an opportunity to start in the payroll department at Vincam came my way. This was my first introduction to PEO and it was the perfect environment for someone starting to practice HR. I was quickly exposed to all functions of HR and a wide variety of client industries/sizes. From the Payroll Department, I moved to Benefits and then on to the Employee Relations Group which turned out to be what I love doing most. I then went to work at SOI with Dean Radtke which ultimately lead me back here to Insured Solutions.

What do you think of the company and your colleagues so far?
Lisette:  Everyone I’ve met and worked with thus far, whether it be face-to-face or on the phone, has been incredibly supportive and helpful. I’m just really impressed with the people, the teamwork and the generosity of spirit. It’s a really great group.

Do you plan to stay for a while?
Lisette:  Absolutely. I love Human Resources and the opportunities that are created to build trusting relationships with our clients and to support my team by working in this capacity.

Speaking of what you love to do, what are your passions outside of the office?
Lisette: Traveling is definitely my favorite pastime. I also enjoy hiking, yoga and listening to live music. And of course, I love spending time with my family and friends.

Lisette, thank you so much for the insight. Welcome aboard!
Lisette:  Thank you so much! Happy to be here.

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