Meet Kelly Garges, the First Agent To “Ring the Bell” in New Appointment Express Program!


Georgia commercial insurance agent, Kelly Garges sat down with us recently and shared his experience with our new Appointment Express Program, part of our new Prospects Unlimited Campaign. We think he can explain the program and the perks of it better than we can! (Condensed from the complete interview.)

Insured Solutions: So Kelly, tell us about the program and how it worked for you.

Kelly: Well, I’ve been receiving text messages from the call center providing leads. The appointments are within 40 miles of where I live or work, so it’s pretty easy getting there. They send out a text message and if you are the first one to respond to it, you check your calendar and make sure you’re available and then they’ll send it to you. One of the things that I do like and I think keeps it fair is it doesn’t tell you what the lead is, it just says “You’ve Got a Lead”, a meeting has been set for whatever date, the time and where it is. Do you accept? They can be anywhere from $5,000 in to $150,000 in Worker’s Comp premium.

Insured Solutions: So not too long ago, you closed the first deal under the new program. Congratulations! Tell us how it went down.

Kelly: With this client prospect, I got awarded the lead and then I went out there and took my loss control specialist. We talked to the client for a while. We understood what their pains were. They had an extremely high MOD. They had a 1.98 MOD and they needed somebody to help them. They needed somebody to get the quote.Insured Solutions was there and it was a perfect fit.
They didn’t have any opposition to you handling the payroll and doing the taxes or anything like that. The client was extremely responsive to what we needed. We had a very short interview. Once I vetted them and was able to figure out what we were looking at and what we needed, I then contacted Chad Carpenter, who was extremely responsive and knowledgeable about the whole process. He made it very easy and I was just the point man to get him in there and let him do what he needed to do. This made the customer extremely comfortable. We grinded it out and got the deal done and it was a good deal for everybody and hopefully it will be the first of many.

Insured Solutions: Did we hear you got some other new business from this client?

Kelly: The worker’s comp was primarily the main driver of all their insurance premium but I also wrote the auto, general liability, property and the umbrella.

Insured Solutions: That’s awesome! And do you pay any commission or any fee to us for this additional business over the Work Comp?

Kelly: Nope, it’s all mine.

Insured Solutions: We heard that based on this experience, you brought us in with an existing client. Is that right?

Kelly: Yes, it was a current customer of mine. After I saw how this whole thing worked with Chad and I was impressed with how he worked and his knowledge of it, I knew he would be a perfect fit for this client. Good guys and a great company that’s growing and it’s a great piece of business for you!

Insured Solutions: Great. Just for your information, we are starting a program under the Prospects Express campaign that we are calling “Insta-Quote.” We are testing it in Georgia and instead of setting an appointment, we are going to have our telemarketers complete a form, getting more information, probably everything except the loss runs and then you’ll be able to call them, get the additional information, maybe meet with them in person, and at that point once you have everything in hand.

Kelly: Well, that seems to be almost starting out on third, which would be great. I mean any advantage a broker can have will be appreciated.

Insured Solutions: Kelly, thanks for sharing your experience as the first to “Ring the Bell” with our new Appointment Express Program. Good luck with future referrals from the program!

Kelly: Sounds good, my man!

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