Learning Three Major Signs of Employee Burnout

Learning Three Major Signs of Employee Burnout

Are your employees suffering from burnout? Burnout occurs when employees suffer from intense job-related stress and exhaustion. For employees, burnout can lead to mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Their employers may see a drop in their productivity or performance. Since employee burnout effects everyone, it’s important for business owners to know these three signs of burnout.

Burnout Sign #1: Disengagement

One of the biggest, most commons signs of employee burnout is disengagement. An employee suffering from burnout may suddenly begin skipping meetings, avoiding calls and emails, or taking a step back from new projects.  If a usually-engaged employee seems like they’re slacking on projects or not doing their part, it could really be a sign of high stress or burnout.

Burnout Sign #2: Isolation

Along with taking a step back from their daily duties, employees with burnout also tend to isolate themselves. For example, they might avoid eating lunch in a communal area or stop attending after-work social events. If you have remote employees, it can be especially easy to miss signs of burnout-caused isolation. This is why you should frequently check-in with phone calls or face-to-face contact via platforms like Zoom, especially with employees who seem stressed or disengaged.

Burnout Sign #3: Physical Symptoms

If burnout is not address, it can lead to a variety of physical symptoms, such as extreme fatigue, changes in mood and behavior, or an increased vulnerability to illnesses like the common cold. Additionally, employees struggling with unaddressed burnout are at an increased risk of metal health issues like depression or substance abuse disorders. If an employee begins complaining about health issues or starts to take numerous sick days, it could be a sign that their stress is taking a heavy toll.

Addressing Burnout

If you notice that an employee is showing signs of burnout, have a conversation with them about their stress, workload, or other factors that may be contributing to their burnout. By knowing the signs and showing support, you can work with your employee to find a healthy solution.

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