How to Prepare for a Successful Performance Review

Whether you want to discuss an employee’s recent issues or praise them for their hard work, a performance review is your opportunity! A performance review is a feedback-focused conversation between an employee and their manager, supervisor, or the owner of the business. While it’s a valuable way for both sides to express their thoughts, concerns, and ideas, performance reviews can also be nerve-wracking, especially for the employee. To make sure your next performance review is comfortable and productive, consider these tips for preparing for a successful meeting.

Gather Your Data

To get ready for an employee’s performance review, the easiest thing you can do is gather any data or records you’ll need. For instance, you might find a list of the employee’s goals created during their last performance review, or look at data that gauges their productivity or sales throughout the year. By looking at records and data in advance, you can get a better understanding of concerns, ideas, or other thoughts you want to voice during the review.

Find the Right Time . . .

Next, decide on an ideal time to have the performance review. Make sure you can allot time to have a complete, thorough review. If you or your employee feel rushed during the review, you might miss out on valuable conversations, or not get a chance to provide all the feedback you want to share.

. . . And the Right Location

Similarly, be sure to consider location for your performance review. Will you and your employees be most comfortable having the review in a conference room or office setting? Or do you want to have it somewhere more casual, like an outdoor area nearby coffeeshop? To decide on location, consider factors like noise levels, potential distractions, and ways you can cut down on stress for you and your employees.

Be Clear 

Finally, go into the performance review prepared to set clear expectations for your employee. If they have areas where they need to improve, be clear and concise about your feedback, and work with them to find actionable solutions or goals. By being clear and setting expectations, you’ll ensure your employee leaves the meeting knowing exactly what they can do to grow or improve.

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