Showing Employee Appreciation During COVID-19 and Beyond

Now more than ever, you want your employees to feel appreciated and fulfilled. Even if the COVID-19 crisis hasn’t directly impacted your business, your employees could still be dealing with an unprecedented amount of stress and turbulence in their lives. A small gesture of appreciation could go a long way. To make your employees feel valued, here are four ways to show your appreciation—during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Communicate with your employees

Since your employees may be dealing with stressors outside of work, like finding reliable childcare or taking care of a relative, one way you can show your appreciation is by reducing the stress they deal with at work. Take time to personally check in with employees, even if they don’t seem like they’re struggling. Additionally, make sure you’re clear about your needs, expectations, and goals so that you and your employees are always on the same page. By communicating effectively with your employees, you show that you value their time and emotional wellbeing. Plus, it’ll help your business flow more smoothly, too.

Be Transparent

Similarly, be open with your employees about how COVID-19 (or any other issues) are impacting your small business. They care about your business as much as you do, and will appreciation being informed about any changes. Transparency shows that you recognize that your employees are an integral part of your team, and you might find that employees are more than willing to put in any extra work to help address any potential issues.

Appreciation them in real-time

If an employee is doing a good job, don’t hesitate to tell them! Thank them for their hard work as soon as they give a great presentation or close an important sale, rather than waiting until a later meeting or review. Be impromptu with your praise, and let your employees know that you are paying attention. This can be especially helpful if you are able to appreciate them in front of their fellow employees, as this encourages others to step up as well.

For gifts, consider something helpful

If you want to give gifts to show appreciation to your employees, consider giving them something that will be useful to them and their family. While pens or stress balls might be fun, consider handing out gift cards for grocery stores, food delivery services, or local restaurants that provide take-out services. By giving your employee a chance to enjoy a meal with their family, it’s a great chance to give them a valuable experience, rather than a product, and shows that you care about your employee’s needs and interests outside of work.

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