Claim Reporting Basics, Part 3: The Claim Reporting Trap

Part 3 claim reporting

This is a continuation of our four-part series on claims reporting. Missed Part 2: Reporting of Injuries by the Employer? Click here! 

“I think I’m injured!!

As an employer, those should be the most chilling words you can think of. Not just because you care about your employees as people, but because those words can cost you and cost you dearly.

When you’re made aware of an injury or a potential injury to an employee, you can:

  • Pay the claim yourself
  • Dismiss the injury as insignificant
  • Listen to the employee when they say “I’m fine, I don’t need a doctor” and allow them to return to work like nothing happened

Those are perfectly acceptable options, right?

Wrong! You’ve just fallen into the claim reporting trap and didn’t even realize it. Good luck getting out!

Timely reporting is your new battle cry. Report any accident, no matter how small-right away. Have your potentially injured employee sign a Refusal of Doctors Care form and keep it safe.

Why? Because in most states, the employee has a year or more to come back on a reported injury. *So what you thought was resolved 11 ½ months ago, can come back and bite you on the …!

As the employer, you’re the one who will regret not reporting a potential claim quickly, so remind employees that you have to take a reports of an injury, regardless of how minor, very seriously. You must act quickly. Timely reporting! 

Cover your back and submit all first reports of injury (FROIs) and investigation forms promptly. Employees have state-protected rights. Employers don’t.

*Judges will allow one year, regardless of what the actual legislature formally defines.

Come back next week for Claim Reporting Basics, Part 4 & 5

-Steve Petty, Director of Risk Management

StevePettyPhotoCroppedWP Steve Petty joined the Insured Solutions team as Director of Risk Management in 2010. The lessons he has learned from thirty-five years in risk management formed a foundation for what is today a unique Workers’ Compensation program, generating exemplary results for employers.

Contact Steve at, (229) 207-0664.

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