Setting Yourself Up For a Successful Interview with Potential Employees

Job interviews can be very stressful—and not just for the interviewee! For business owners, team leaders, and others who deal with hiring new candidates, the hiring process can come with complications, pitfalls, and plenty of stress. Before your next interview, read up on these tips to help you ask the right questions, positively showcase yourself and your company, and successfully search for the best candidates.

Familiarize Yourself with the Law

Even before the interviewee arrives, you can prep for the interview by ensuring your questions are legal under state and federal law. For example, you might be prohibited from asking questions relating to health or disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act. By familiarizing what kind of questions you can—and cannot—ask, you avoid complex liability issues.

Be Prepared

If you’re conducing the interview or taking part in interviewing a potential new team member, prepare some questions in advance. Think about what is important to you and what kind of employee you’re looking for, then come up with questions tailored to address those areas. By coming prepared, you also show the potential employee that you’re organized and committed to the values that are important to you, your team, and your company.

Think about the Cultural Fit

While a perspective employee’s experience plays an important role, you also want to make sure they’ll fit in with your team or the rest of your company. Ask questions to determine how well an interviewee will fit in, like questions about their collaboration preferences or if they like working independently. On the flip side, you should also let the candidate know about your team or company’s culture, so that they can also consider if they are a good match.

Show All the Perks

Similarly, don’t forget to showcase why your company is a great place to work! If you can offer great benefits, a robust 401(k) plan, or unique perks like daily free coffee, be sure to let perspective employees know, as this will further entice them to come work for you in today’s competitive market.

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