4 Common Characteristics of Workplace Leaders

While everyone on your team is hopefully dedicated, passionate, and hardworking, you likely have an employee who truly sticks out as a natural leader. When you have a great leader among your employees, they can inspire and encourage other employees, take the reins on important projects or goals, and help your business run more efficiently. But how do you identify a leader among your employees? To find out who the leaders are within your team, look for some of these common characteristics of great workplace leaders.

They believe in the business and themselves

One common sign of a great leader within an organization or business is their passion. If you have an employee who goes above-and-beyond to find solutions, seems passionate about their work, and challenges themselves to do the best possible job, they may be exhibiting great leadership qualities. Leaders care about the work they do, and want to do it to the best of their ability.

They support others

Leaders also want their fellow employees to thrive and reach their full potential. A leader among your employees may encourage others to do their best work, offer solutions to their struggling coworkers, or lend their advice when a fellow employee is facing a challenge. By sharing their passion and support, leaders show that they care about your company’s goals and mission, and that they’re committed to making it happen.

They rise to the challenge

When a potential leader faces a challenge, like an unmet goal or a suddenly changing workplace environment, they stay calm and determined in the face of adversity. They don’t shy away from challenges, but rather seek new and creative solutions, and find new ways to grow in a changing situation. They hold themselves accountable for their own work, and even if they don’t meet their goals, they are always looking for a better solution. To identify a leader, look at how your employees handle stress or challenges, and identify who takes it all in stride.

They’re ready to learn

A great leader recognizes that they still have much to learn. While leaders are often confident and motivated, they still know that there are opportunities to learn and grow within your business. They may seek out new learning opportunities, or ask to take on new tasks. When someone is a potential leader, they’re constantly searching for new challenges, looking for ways to grow their skillset, and eager to come up with innovative solutions.

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