3 Ways To Get the Most From Employee Background Checks

When you’re getting ready to add a new employee to your team, you want to ensure they’re the best possible fit. One way to do this is background screening, which examines areas such as:

  • Previous employment
  • Education
  • Criminal record
  • Financial records
  • Driving history

But while you may be looking at common areas like these to asses your new employees, there could be a few areas you’re overlooking! To get the most out of your employee background screening, consider adding these three areas to your search.

  • Social Media

During background screening, one area you might be overlooking is social media. By checking a potential employer’s social media profiles, you might be able to learn more about their values, activities, and how they present themselves. For example, someone might come across as professional in an interview, but post images on Facebook that show them engaging in high-risk behavior or treating others unprofessionally.

  • Litigation Records

While you might investigate a potential employer’s criminal record, you should also consider if they’ve been involved in any past or ongoing litigation. If someone has been frequently involved in state or federal litigation, it could be a red flag about their employment history. This is especially true if they have been involved in litigation against previous coworkers or employers. To check for litigation records, you may be able to perform an online search through your local court system.

  • Potential Affiliations

Finally, check out a potential employee’s affiliations. You don’t want to hire someone, then find out they’re affiliated with a local competitor or married to someone who sits on the board of a competitor. By searching for conflicts of interest, you can identify potential issues and consider the next steps.

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