Preventing Summer Slump

When the temperature goes up, the productivity rate goes down. This is because of the dreaded “summer slump,” a phenomenon where workplaces experience poor productivity and low attendance during the summer months. If you’re noticing your employees daydreaming about sandy beaches instead of paying attention to their work, here are a few ways to beat the summer slump and keep your team motivated all summer long.

Consider Relaxing the Dress Code

As the temperatures soar, relaxing your business’s dress code is a way to make sure your employees feel comfortable during the summer months. For example, you might allow employees to wear more casual clothes throughout the summer, or implement a specific day each week when the dress code is more relaxed. However, make sure to:

  • Remind employees to still dress appropriately
  • Avoid singling out a specific gender
  • Note any times, like a visit from an important client, when you’ll expect your employees to adhere to the normal dress code

Be Clear About Goals

During the summer, ensure that all employees remain motivated to meet their goals, particularly if your business has specific goals to meet during the summer months. Keep all goals and objectives fresh in your employees’ minds with reminders and updates, and check in with anyone who is falling behind to see how they can increase their productivity. One simple way to keep your employees aware of goals is to make a chart that highlight the goals, objectives, and updates. Then, hang it in a common area, like a break room.

Stay Organized on Vacation Time

Summer is a popular time for vacations and many employees may request time off to travel or spend time with their family. However, if too many employees take time off at the same time, it can lead to issues like understaffing. To avoid these issues, stay up-to-date on requests for time-off and make sure you don’t have too many employees going on vacation at the same time. You should also keep your employees aware of when their team members will be out of the office, so that they can prepare for an increased workload or other tasks that may need to handle to keep up productivity while others are out of the office.

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