Automating Standard HR Functions

An essential department in any growing organization is human resources. From hiring and onboarding to reporting and training, HR tasks are usually regarded as those that require manual processes to ensure efficiency and accuracy. But, as with other departments in your business, technology has made a lasting and impressionable impact.

HR automation, the process of improving the department’s efficiency and productivity by automating tedious, manual tasks, allows department employees to focus on more complex tasks. The more repetitive document-driven tasks become the sole focus of the human capital management (HCM) platform.

Quality HCM platforms can automate a wide array of HR functions, including:

  • Benefits enrollment eligibility
  • Employee moves tracking
  • Distribution of annual W-2s or other necessary tax documentation
  • Record management
  • Onboarding processes

Larger more complex processes including time and attendance, employee leave, and payroll can all also become part of the HCM, though these tasks may not be fully automated.

Companies who are less familiar with integrating technology with their existing HR tasks may be unsure of how automation can improve the overall productivity of the department. Avoiding automation or being unwilling to adapt to the ever-evolving technologies will likely leave your organization far behind your competitors.

These businesses could also suffer from efficiency loss, increase in timesheet or payroll errors, and a rather disheartening onboarding experience for new employees. These and other tasks are traditionally managed manually, without the assistance of technology. If specific HR process automation tools are available, though, it makes more sense to adopt at least partial functionality to see improvement in basic HR functions. Then, once satisfied, consider adopting the entire platform’s functionality to take full advantage of the automated HR experience.

Deciding to move forward with an HCM for the purpose of HR automation will yield the business several benefits.

  • Less risk of non-compliance
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced employee turnover
  • Organizational growth
  • Easily accessible data and analytics

Whether your organization is lacking an HR team, or you simply require additional regulatory compliance support, Insured Solutions has the right team and cloud-based approach to help automate most of your HR needs. Contact Insured Solutions to learn more about combining our powerful human capital management platform with expert HR guidance.

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