Leading Performance Review Trends for 2019

Not all businesses approach performance reviews in the same way. For example, some organizations may define performance reviews as the annual one-on-one meeting with an employee and their manager to discuss their job performance and professional growth over the last year. Others may schedule more frequent check-ins to share updates and provide feedback each month […]

Celebrating Soft Skills in the Workplace

A typical job description typically has a little background information on the hiring company but then lists out job responsibilities, duties, and desired skills and qualifications. The context within each section highlights a combination of both hard and soft skills. For example, an account development manager job description may list the following job duties: Initiate […]

Five Ways to Inspire Employee Loyalty

Longevity at the workplace was once commonplace. Employers now are faced with improving tangible benefits (e.g. unlimited PTO, extended maternity/paternity leave, profit sharing, or stock options) to sway employees into staying onboard longer or to lure good candidates through the door. For example, of the people planning to look for a job this year, more […]

Staff Spotlight – Kayla Park

Get to know Insured Solutions’ project manager Kayla Park with this Q&A! Q: Where you were born? A: I was born in Duluth, GA, on March 29 at Joan Glancy Memorial Hospital. Q: Where did you go to school? A: I went to North Gwinnett High School, but graduated from homeschool a year before my […]