Why Introverts May Make the Best Insurance Sales People

Being an Introvert in the Insurance Sales World

What comes to mind when you hear the word “Salesperson”? It might be a charming man in a slick suit, or a bubbly woman with a fun laugh, or a relaxed jock casually making his or her pitch over a round of golf.

In any case, the commonly held stereotype is the same: that a successful salesperson is also always an extrovert. After all, extroverts love being around people, talk easily, and have lots of social contacts.

Although extroverts are often the ones drawn to sales, there are several introverts out in the insurance sales field – and there is a lot we can learn from them.

Introverts are great at listening. When selling insurance, it’s important to have a deep understanding of your customer or prospect’s business. The easiest way to do this is by listening. While extroverts may have developed the ability to “let the prospect talk” or “share the stage,” it’s not the same as truly listening. Paying attention to the client – and not just planning the next line you’ll deliver – is something that comes naturally to introverts, and can really help with sales.

Introverts are deep thinkers. Because an introverted person tends to internalize problems, they can often find the deeper meaning of a situation more quickly. The client knows their business, but you are the expert in the insurance field. You know the ins and outs of the coverage you offer, and it’s your job to find that deeper connection that solves the customers’ problems – a solution that other salespeople may miss.

Introverts value relationships. Introverts may not have a little black book bursting at the seams with contacts, but you can believe that the friends and partners they do have, they keep. Developing and maintaining a long-term relationship with your clients is the most important way to keep sales rolling in over time. A single sale might get you a bonus, but they key to long-term success is keeping that customer happy when they have an issue or make a claim.

Both extroverts and introverts can be bad – and good – salespeople. If you got into insurance sales because you like talking to people and solving problems, you’ve got a great head start. But consider taking a few notes from the introverted approach. You may find that it helps to round out your naturally formed techniques and abilities.

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Carrie Charity Murphy is a freelance writer for Insured Solutions and Improv comedienne based in Louisville, Kentucky. She lives with her husband Ben and their two dogs, Sprocket and Ms. Brisby.


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