Trying New Selling Tactics

Sales can get repetitive and even the top sales professional can become bored or discouraged.

Insurance isn’t exactly a “sexy” product. So, why not try something new – for your mental wellbeing and your bottom line.

Social media isn’t going away. If you’re a late adopter, there are plenty of fresh ways to attract customers and expand your base.

Try the following and see if it’s a good fit. Who knows, you may get more clients than you can handle.

Public speaking

What? You’d rather put your hand in a blender?

The fear of speaking in public is very real. If you’ve had a public speaking course in college, great! But if not, you may not think this tip is for you.


When you speak in public on any topic, not just insurance, you are the expert. After all, if you weren’t experienced, why would they – whoever “they” are – wouldn’t let you speak to an expectant audience.

Enjoy being the center of attention and soak in questions from spectators. It’s better than cold calls. At least the audience wants to be here – and in some cases, have paid to hear you speak.

If the fear won’t go away, join a civic organization, such as Toastmasters or Rotary. Everyone there has the same fear you do.

Podcasts and Webinars

Webinars can be played anywhere – at a desk, in a car, at home, at work. The customer chooses when to listen and what they want to hear.

So, try to pick topics your customers want to hear about. Again, you’ll be the expert in the room, so to speak.

(In fact, Insured Solutions has just initiated a podcast! Listen here)


Many publications are looking for experts in numerous fields to fill their pages.

Be the expert. Contact publications that you think your target reads and ask if you can contribute. You may be surprised.


Anticipate questions your customers will have and video yourself on your smartphone. Be honest, sincere and pick real questions, but pre-fab questions that are marketing.

Many prospects will appreciate the effort and will look past the quality and listen to your message.

Give it a try.

You may think these ideas are a stab in the dark or aren’t your traditional way of selling.

You’re right.

But pick one to try and see where you land.

Possible customers are everywhere, just don’t forget to look online.





Tamera Shaw is a freelance writer for Insured Solutions based in Louisville, Kentucky. She writes fiction and enjoys amateur photography. She happily shares her life with husband Ron, daughter Cate and sage cat, Sophie, who grudgingly shares her home with the newest member of our family – Nieko, our new kitten.
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