Transgender Rights in the (California) Workplace


There’s been a lot of discussion recently, probably more than at any time in history — about people who identify themselves as transgender. Transgendered people have been part of society for decades, but only within the past few years have many of them felt safe in identifying themselves as transgendered.

While there’s has been a great deal of positivity toward the transgendered community, some people are still uncomfortable with, or confused by, the idea. If you are unsure how you should treat a transgendered person, it’s very simple — with respect, just like everybody else.

One of the important considerations in the discussion of transgendered people is their rights in the workplace. For example, what questions can an employer ask a job candidate that they believe is transgendered? What sort of dress code and grooming standards apply with regard to transgender employees? What are employers’ expectations with regard to locker rooms, bathrooms, and showers?

These and other questions are important to ask so that the rights of transgendered employees are protected. We invite you to download this PDF from the Department of Fair Employment & Housing, which addresses many of these common questions.

Remember that transgendered employees are entitled to the same rights and privileges as any other employee, and cannot be discriminated against for any reason.

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