Tips for Young Salespeople


You have the energy to burn. You’re outgoing and ambitious – and young. So, why aren’t you making sales?

According to Ryan Hanley, no one is born to sell. But with the right attitude and knowledge, an inexperienced sales agent can learn to sell.

Learning to Sell and Emotional Maturity

Learn any way you can: trial and error, mentorship, read books, take classes, and attend conferences – whatever you need to stay current and beat the competition.

There’s the old saying, “People buy from people they like.” A potential client notices everything about you and decides your likability quickly.

Professionalism is key to a prospect’s confidence in you. Dress well, speak clearly and honestly.  Record yourself on the phone with prospects.

Being the smartest isn’t what a potential client wants. Ask about their family. Speak less, listen more. Find out what your prospect needs by asking the right questions. Make the right decisions quickly. Whether it’s what to say in a sales meeting, or to a client, co-worker, or supervisor, you need to learn to think on your feet.

Bring up any negatives before the prospect does. If they don’t trust young salepeople, tell them why you will do a good job for them. If your youth is still a problem, target other young people as prospects.

The ability to respond quickly to a client’s needs takes emotional maturity. You need to learn that skill to understand, relate and respond appropriately to others.

Your tone, how fast you talk and your inflection are integral to success. Practice makes perfect.

Time Management, Organization and Priorities

Do you want to be “busy” or do you want to sell? Decide. When you get more done in less time, your success rate will soar. 

Developing time management skills is essential. Think of minutes as sales possibilities.

Choose your priorities. Sales calls, networking, and blogging are your priorities. Start the day making prospect calls and staying connected with clients. Take care of lower-energy tasks later in the day.

You may think that billing and marketing aren’t your jobs, by they are. When clients need something, they call you.  Be gracious and help your clients, even if you think it’s not your job.

Get organized. If clients and prospects think you are unorganized, their confidence diminishes. Deliver your promises.

Build Referral Partnerships

Referrals are better than cold calls.Build relationships by reaching out to others with consistency and accuracy.

 Buy a potential partner a meal or drink, support their charity, or send referrals to them without obligation.

Surround yourself with quality professionals inside and outside your industry.

Be Resilient

Learn how to take rejection. No matter how hard you work or how much you’ve honed your sales and people skills, prospects may say, “No.”

Set aside the “No.” Improve whatever you can then move on. Put your energy into getting a “yes.



Tamera Shaw is a freelance writer for Insured Solutions based in Louisville, Kentucky. She writes fiction and enjoys amateur photography. She happily shares her life with husband Ron, daughter Cate and sage cat, Sophie, who grudgingly shares her home with the newest member of our family – Nieko, our new kitten.


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