Three Tips for Safe Loading Docks

Don’t let accidents at the working dock get in the way of a successful workday! If you’re in an industry like warehousing or transportation where your employees frequently use a loading dock, always remember these three tips for promoting loading dock safety.

Use the Right Equipment

When it comes to loading docks, safety starts with your employees. To avoid an injury, make sure they show up with all the right personal protective equipment. Proper equipment can vary depending on the job environment, but some common types of safety equipment include:

  • Gloves
  • Steel-toed boots
  • Grip soles
  • Earmuffs
  • Earplugs

Keep the Area Clean

As an employer, you can also take steps to maintain a safe loading dock. For example, make sure that trailer lanes are clearly marked. This makes backing up, parking, and spotting easier, giving you a safer loading dock with the added bonus of extra efficiency! You should also make sure all areas of the loading dock are kept free of clutter and unnecessary debris. This is especially important for aisles and working areas.

Safety First!

Finally, encourage a “safety-first” workplace. Create an environment where employees know the policies and procedures to follow. Make sure they know to contact a supervisor if they have questions or concerns. In some cases, this might mean taking steps like safety training or creating an employee handbook.

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