The U.S. Auto Industry Lives!

The U.S. Auto Industry Lives

Car manufacturing, the most American manufacturing industry there is, died a while ago. But perhaps we shouldn’t be too quick to pull the plug, because recent years have shown a resurgence in the auto manufacturing industry in the U.S. This is due both to increased production by U.S. manufacturers and support from foreign manufacturers. It’s alive!!

Automation alley, an area of Michigan that encompasses Troy, Farmington Hills, and Warren, leads this U.S. resurgence. Automation alley, as the name suggests, is charging into more automated means of production, which is a change from traditional manufacturing. After years of losses, employment in this industry in automation alley is definitely on the rise.

Then there’s Detroit, the birthplace of the automotive industry. Detroit is also experiencing a recovery, and employment is on the rise, not only in the auto industry, but in the high-tech sector. This is good news for a city that’s been struggling for a while.

Michigan doesn’t own auto manufacturing. Other cities that are seeing an increase are Louisville, Kentucky, and Columbus, Indiana, mostly due to overseas companies building manufacturing facilities in the U.S.

This is good news for those in the auto industry, but the better news is that this isn’t the only manufacturing industry that’s doing well. The U.S. is experiencing a bit of an industrial boom, and we’ll explore the other industries affected in future posts.

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