Sales, Small Changes Big Returns

Sales is a numbers game, but at times, you need to step back and reassess your strategies and goals. To get the biggest return on your efforts, a few tweaks may help you meet and exceed those numbers.

When competition for your product is fierce, distinguish yourself. Ask yourself what you stand for and why. Your answer will provide a pathway to enter the prospect’s world, whether online or in person.

Don’t be a ghost online. Don’t open a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account, blast outposts, then go silent.

There’s always something to write about. What’s happening in your life – Did you just enjoy a fantastic restaurant? Did you just return from vacation, participate in a charity event or win an award? Share with your online community. You may be surprised who answers. Gain prospects and contacts this way to keep current.

Dig into demographics. Are you targeting the wrong audience? Refine your strategy, then narrow your prospect pool.

Do your research. Know your industry and your company inside and out. Prospects will appreciate the breadth of your knowledge.

Not everyone wants an introduction to your company. Ask yourself what your prospect really wants to know about you and your company.  Don’t throw features at the prospect. Think about your company’s strengths and values, then share with your prospect.

Take advantage of time. Do you fritter away 10 minutes at the beginning or end of the day? In a few minutes, you may make the sale of your life or hook a juicy prospect.

Become a problem solver. Research what issues the prospect is facing and help them solve it. Put yourself in their shoes and ask what you can do for them, then come up with compelling answers.

Ask customers to give a testimonial, emphasizing how you helped them. Loyalty is earned. When customers rave about you or your product, prospects listen.

Decide why your sales are down. Is there anything else you can do? If so, do it.

  • Be honest when looking inward
  • Come up with an action plan
  • Follow through
  • When you make a sale, celebrate
  • Keep old habits at bay

Be sure to review what you did when you make a sale versus when you didn’t.

Following these small changes may make the difference between failure and success.

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Tamera Shaw is a freelance writer for Insured Solutions based in Louisville, Kentucky. She writes fiction and enjoys amateur photography. She happily shares her life with husband Ron, daughter Cate and sage cat, Sophie, who grudgingly shares her home with the newest member of our family – Nieko, our new kitten.
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