Leading Performance Review Trends for 2019

Not all businesses approach performance reviews in the same way. For example, some organizations may define performance reviews as the annual one-on-one meeting with an employee and their manager to discuss their job performance and professional growth over the last year. Others may schedule more frequent check-ins to share updates and provide feedback each month or once per quarter.

Whatever the timeframe, there are some performance review trends that could be worth adding to your organization’s regular review program.

Increased focus on the employee or human experience.
The emotions, feelings, thoughts, and decisions that color an employee’s experience while working at your organization are finding their way into performance reviews. Adding this element to your performance review program will help reinforce employee engagement, brand commitment, and gauge the employee’s desire to follow a track to leadership. From the employer’s point of view, the employee experience can be used as a key element in employee development and personal contribution to the larger team and company.

Performance reviews are a great opportunity for taking the employee’s temperature in terms of what they need from the company to remain happy and satisfied. For most, there should be some aspiration to move up within the organization. Managers who are able to identify these employees would be tasked with training the current employees in new skills and responsibilities that either better suit their needs or help them take on a more managerial role.

Software data.
Data like tracking people analytics through employee engagement, training, and productivity takes the raw numbers and transforms them into something that can be used to quantify your departmental return on investment. Your HR team’s systems, built to streamline and improve existing human resources processes, are constantly improving in order to eliminate guesswork when it comes to any of these performance factors.

Continued learning and development opportunities.
Around the country, organizations are moving away from manager-led or top-down training and development. Instead, these organizations are leaning toward more employee-powered learning and development opportunities. This allows for a more personalized approach that can be tailored to a specific department, role, or team. With employees being any company’s most valuable asset, it makes sense to offer professional development from the people that know the role best…other employees.

To ensure your employees are getting the most from their performance reviews, and the business is retaining the top talent, contact Insured Solutions to learn more.

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