Make Your Sales Pitch Work for You

Your pitch can make or break a sale. Instead of bombarding prospects with endless – and boring — product specs, take a minute to think about how you can engage your prospect with intriguing possibilities.

Blogger Andy Raskin found “The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen” in a Zuora ( presentation. The steps are fairly simple, but introduce a different approach to selling. Read the entire blog at

What’s Changing?

Talk to the person in front of you as a human being, not a buyer. We all have personal needs, fears and challenges.

Know what’s changing in their industry, company or personal life. Talking about that change makes the prospect wonder what they need to address those changes.

Winner or Loser?

Buyers play it safe. They don’t like to depart from a sure thing to embrace the unknown. Show the purchaser how a swiftly changing landscape affects them and why they need to act quickly so they don’t miss out (loser) on a new technology, procedure or product.

At this point, don’t start talking about your product, says Rankin. Tell them that the future requires revision from the same tired process. Conversion will be rewarded by reaching what Rankin calls the Promised Land.

Apprentice vs Teacher

Rankin likens you and your prospect to characters in an epic film. The prospect is the apprentice in the “hero” role and you’re the teacher. You’re the expert who guides your Padawan (Star Wars) to the Promised Land. Position your products and service as “magic gifts” to get there.

A Fairy Tale Ending

Show your prospect how you can help them. Of all the agents selling virtually the same product, explain why you’re the one who can get them to their goal – whether you refer to it as the Holy Grail, the Promised Land or their objective.

The Elevator Pitch

Avery Manko, owner and founder of The Manko Company, encourages insurance agents to have an elevator pitch at the ready.

Manko wants you to imagine you’re in an elevator and a fellow rider asks what you do. Thirty seconds is all the time you have to “pique their interest.” So, do what modern Mad Men do – write a commercial.

Creating Interest

Whatever you do, don’t begin by saying you sell insurance. Snooze. Begin with a statement that draws the prospect in. Do you have a niche business, a unique work model or unusual clients?

Explain who you work with (home owners, business owners). Then spell out how you solved a problem for a client recently. But be brief.

Tell them who you are while feeding their thirst for information. How do you differ from your competitors? What makes you special?

Look through Manko’s pitches at Then craft your own.

Continue to Learn

No matter which approach you digest, there’s always another to absorb. The web is full of techniques, stories and systems that aim to teach you the key to success. There are seminars and conventions where experts tell you how they achieved their goals.

But if you never lose your curiosity, you’ll find something that works for you.


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