Insurance Sales Professionals: “Why” is More Important Than “What”

Have you ever asked yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing? Take time to answer that question and positive outcomes result – in your personal life and your workplace.

Business coach and mentor Michael LeJeune thinks that the steps to reaching any goal aren’t as important as why you’re pursuing that goal in the first place.

To find your true purpose, LeJeune says to ask yourself the following:

  • Why am I doing this?
  • What is the purpose?
  • Does it play a part in my long-term vision?

“Why” is the conduit to excellence. Having a passion or purpose is the first step to success.

If you have a purpose, the daily grind of redundant tasks seems more bearable and you can actually get to the point where these efforts are enjoyable. When you know the why, you’re ready for any problems along the way. LeJuene asks, “Do you think it’s easier to do something when you know the impact it will make to the long-term WHY?  You bet it does.”

Long-term vision is more important than short-term steps when you begin to set work or life goals. It’s important to ask about steps needs to succeed, but you shouldn’t ignore the why.

Insurance professionals have a great why waiting for them to discover. Why do you sell policies? To make more money? How do you decide who needs your product?

Jeff Sams of New Horizons Insurance Marketing says that helping people when they most need it is a privilege. Insurance agents are in a service profession. Sams says, “If you see yourself as a great provider of service for helping others your sales will take off like a rocket.”

Sams encourages agents to remember the ultimate goal of your product. Focus on client needs and how you can truly help. And remember to Identify your prospect’s why to better serve them.

You’re helping clients who are in the middle of the worst time of their lives. But having that safety net of insurance prevents financial hardship.

I’ll leave you with this great quote from Sams: “Please take a moment and think of some of the folks you have helped, be proud, and then go help some more.”




Tamera Shaw is a freelance writer for Insured Solutions based in Louisville, Kentucky. She writes fiction and enjoys amateur photography. She happily shares her life with husband Ron, daughter Cate and sage cat, Sophie, who grudgingly shares her home with the newest member of our family – Nieko, our new kitten.


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