How to Deal More Effectively with Introverts as Prospects.

Talk Less, Listen More

It’s a big world. Lots of sales possibilities and buyer personalities. If you’re in sales, chances are you score high on the “extrovert” scale.

As an extrovert, you may not know what works best when selling to introverts. They seem boring, bookish and just no fun – a strange alien species that is better off sitting in the corner and not making a fuss.

It may surprise you that introverts make great sales professionals. They listen carefully, take notes, don’t interrupt, manage details well, and talk to prospects where they live.

But there are plenty of prospects out there who are introverted. Knowing an introvert’s characteristics can lead to better sales.

Extroverts have their own unique and wonderful qualities – as do introverts. Introverts are more patient, listen better, use sincerity instead of hype, don’t interrupt, and manage details well.

To win over introverts, try mirroring their behavior, aided by the following tips.

Before a sales call, wind down, not up. Don’t bombard an introvert, push them around, or perform your sales pitch in one long breath. Introverts prefer a comfortable, relaxed interactions. Let the conversation flow naturally.

The buyer equates pushing for the sale as manipulative and annoying.

The bottom line: take it down a notch.

When you project a calmer manner, you are in a better position to listen. If you believe that long-winded, one-sided conversation closes sales – they don’t – especially with introverts.

Listening to your prospect’s questions and concerns are invaluable.

No Hype
Introverts win over people with sincerity and understanding. Trust evaporates when a prospect thinks you’re a fast-talking salesperson. You may think you’re coming off as charming, but most buyers tune out when you start sounding “salesy.” Hype equals manipulation.

To cut the “bull” out of your conversation, prepare for questions that the prospect may ask. Write out responses (without sounding like a carnie barker). Once you know what to expect, you can relax and focus on your buyer.

No Interruptions
 You may not realize it, but extroverts (this includes you!) interrupt – a lot – without even knowing it. Conversely, introverts take time to digest information.

Here’s a great tip: Wait four seconds after you think the buyer has finished speaking to determine if the speaker is actually done. It also gives the impression that you’re considering the buyer’s needs. Practice makes perfect.

Managing Details
Technology is changing sales every day. Although managing detailed information is an introvert’s sweet spot, extroverts bog down when they are forced by their sales manager to sit in front of a computer and fill in details.

But details and research, not hype, is the cornerstone of a positive sales relationship.

Slow down and capture the buyer’s needs and react positively to any question – even the uncomfortable ones. It may surprise you how sales grow when you put yourself in someone else’s shoes. 




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