How Do HR Recruiters Find Offline Candidates?

In the age of social media, we assume everyone has an iPhone/iPad/iWatch or an Android device attached like an umbilical cord. But is that really true?

Of the millions (maybe billions) of recruits on social media, there are millions who aren’t. Yes, most are older. But Millennials are sidestepping social media in favor of “private exchanges instead of public posts” for more intimate communication, according to CheatSheet.

The Huffington Post said that Millennials don’t like the thought of media “addiction” and keeping up with all the posts is “exhausting.” Some are surprised at how often they don’t really experience events with friends because they’re posting or texting, something to the very person standing right next to them. According to a Huffington poster, “I realized that for every good Facebook post I saw, there were at least 10 others that would put me in a bad mood.”

According to The Financial Times, Millennials are “uncomfortable with providing social platforms with personal information for those platforms to mine for commercial gain.”

And when we post online the images and writing in the post is no longer ours.

The online Urban Dictionary labels leaving social media as “ghosting” while others term it “social media sobriety.” No matter what it’s called, 11 million Millennials aren’t on social media anymore.

According to CheatSheet, some Millennials forego online social media due to privacy and security concerns. Some Millennials ditch social platforms for a greater in-person connection.

But these ghosts still want jobs and opportunities, so how do recruiters reach someone offline?

According to HR blog Fist Full of Talent, when approaching social media deniers, think traditional.

Find offliners by rifling through old applications in your database, getting referrals of “non-connected” prospects and traditional print media – for instance, a target flyer or billboard. A $500 billboard can pull in qualified people if you put it across the street from a competitor, said CheatSheet.

FFT likens looking for offline recruits to fishing. You don’t want to go to the pond where everyone else fishes. Try what is now “unconventional.” After all, a good fisherman/woman reels in more candidates away from competitors. Go to “a different pond.”

Find a friend or family member who has no social footprint and find out how they gather information. That will tell you where to look.


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