The Digital Revolution: Closing the Divide

With the shift of generations entering the workforce, it is crucial for businesses to evolve with the demands of the evolving marketplace and the ways for which it communicates. Revamping client relationships through implementing technological tools is the key to attracting next generation clients. Millennials are flooding the workforce, and as such, they are offering innovative means for reaching new, diverse clienteles that can give businesses the boost they need.

Such generational divides offer competitive advantages to marketplaces, such as improved client service, increased profitability, and enhanced technologies to enhance quality user experience and risk management. Artificial intelligence and data analytics are predicted to be the leading technology trends for the younger generations, whereas the Boomer generation is more likely to bring a seasoned, family, and authentic approach to clients.

With such a stark difference between the two generations, finding a balance between the two can provide useful in creating an innovative and robust approach to optimize the digital revolution.

Younger professionals can teach more seasoned professionals the ins and outs of new technology to track, analyze, and filter clients and client issues. On the other side, seasoned professionals can teach younger professionals the ins and outs of the industry, capitalizing on their years of experience and benefits of maintaining the human touch to their client interactions.

The younger generations are more likely to utilize mobile apps and websites, risk management tools, and interactive websites and client portals. While more experienced professionals do not utilize technology as much as they maybe want to, both generations agree that technology can lend insight to customer behaviors and needs.

Working together, both generations can identify client expectations, discover and develop proactive risk management tools and processes to better protect clients, create comprehensive and customized strategies, and predict the influence of particular business decisions.

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