Crafting Emails People Want to Read

One of the greatest struggles of content marketing is creating copy your audience will actually want to read. Email marketing can be an especially daunting task as there are countless methods and reasons for enticing someone to open an email.  Here is a simple strategy to effectively tackling email marketing.

Build a Database. This database should encompass your complete catalog of clients. Client information included should be name, address, email, phone number, and industry (both where they operate, and if applicable, their clients’ service areas). In this database, it is imperative for a tracking system to be incorporated to effectively manage communications. Tracking can assist with how frequently you send communications, which communications are opened, successfully delivered, and what aspects are clicked, as well as which communications have been sent to whom. Great databases for all of this information and features would include marketing automation and client relationship management (CRM) systems like Pardot, Constant Contact, and Salesforce.

Customize Messages. The fastest way to generate clicks on emails is to personalize the subject lines. There are many different approaches to this, and it will depend upon your audience and the message you are trying to convey. For example, if you’re looking to push clients of competitors to convert to your services, you might use a sense of urgency on an upcoming deadline (i.e., contract renewals). Customized subject lines generate 50% higher open rates.[1]

Construction of the email should generally be: (1) Purpose of the email, (2) personal story to leverage a connection with the reader, and (3) call to action such as a relevant article, company website, or a video since videos increase email clicks by 300%.[2] Either customize the information to the audience you plan on sending it to, or alter your list to only go to the relevant contacts that may be interested in whatever content you wish to push.

Select a Channel. An important consideration is on which device your clientele and potential readers will be viewing the communication. “49% of emails are opened on mobile devices.”[3] With that in mind, templates need to be adapted to various screen sizes and ensure compatibility across different carriers (i.e., Android vs. Apple) to guarantee readability. Utilizing a CRM can assist with tracking on which device your readers are most active and allow you to determine communication best practices for your brand.

Email marketing, when utilized correctly, can be an influential piece of marketing for businesses. Insured Solutions offers HR solutions including, workers’ compensation, risk management, payroll administration, and other HR tools and forms to assist with more effective business management. Insured Solutions offers you the support you need to focus on constructing that perfect email marketing campaign and leverage your business to reach its full potential. Contact Insured Solutions today to see how we can assist you with your HR solutions.





Source: Tips to Create Emails Clients Will Want to Read

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