Defining Client Goals

From unrealistic expectations of time and goals to disorganized, rushed execution, many clients struggle to present business goals that focus on the core of their business values or solve their pain points in the long term. As customer-oriented businesses, we thrive on providing products and services that best suit our clients’ needs. Sometimes clients simply need to be steered in the right direction to optimize the chances of fulfilling their business demands.

Ask the Right Questions

The first step of helping clients define their goals is in asking the right questions. First, you must listen to their day-to-day issues and their [vision] for the future of their business. From there, it is important to ask questions that can tailor a solution to bridging the gap between such issue and creating their vision. Questions might be about specifics, such as a client who wants to reach a sales goal, but doesn’t have the tools to achieve such success. Other questions might refer more to the bigger picture, such as whether their goals are realistic. Nothing is worse than allowing a client to set themselves up for unattainable goals.

Once you have all the information you need, take charge. One important reminder you must tell your clients is that they are seeking your assistance and to properly assist them, they must adapt to your way of doing things. Take the time to explain your process and maintain strong communication to ensure the client feels included and heard, but also understands that you are the expert.

Aligning Professional and Business Values

The first step in achieving a goal is strategizing a way to reach such goal. Focus on planning through taking action. For example, schedule an allotted time to strategize, create an action plan, and gather the resources. This allows the client to understand the resources they have, the resources they still need, and to re-evaluate a strategy to achieve such resources to reach the goal at stake.

Next, establish small, daily goals. Sometimes success comes from taking baby steps and taking them one day at a time. Clients should focus on the progress rather than the speed for which they achieve something. Consistently achieving those daily goals can set them up for further success through motivation, confidence, and gaining experience and knowledge relevant to their industry.

Lastly, as your clients’ industry expert, it is imperative for you to follow up. Daily, weekly, and/or monthly check ups are always advised as it showcases your support for their ambitions, as well as develops trust and accountability for both parties involved. Reminding them of their vision can allow them to refocus their attention to what is at the core of the business. This check up can also be a reminder of the importance to balance business and personal goals and values. Finding a balance between the two provides a stronger clarity on the work-life balance needs.

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