Apps to De-stress Employees

Stress contributes to employee illness, absence and turnover; and impacts on-the-job happiness, productivity and even safety.

Prevention is essential, but regardless of the causes, finding a way to decrease tension and anxiety is easier than ever with apps designed to combat stress. Many are free.

Apps that target deep breathing like Breathe2Relax; Stop, Breathe and Think; How Are You; and Pacifica, teach users to engage the diaphragm for deep breathing exercises that lead to relaxation. Some of these apps even helps you identify stress triggers.

Biofeedback, meditation, music, games and yoga apps like GPS for the Soul, Headspace, Pocket Yoga, Personal Zen Calm and the Mindfulness Appintegrate some combination of calming music, images, games and brain training to calm nerves. 

Mood trackers like My Mood Tracker and iMoodJournalhelp find ways for the user to identify, track and react to stress triggers.

Pay It Forward), and Kindworkstarget tension through “random acts of kindness.” The app works the “giving muscle” and gives users access to kindred spirits interested in doing the same thing. And Happify trains the mind to swap negative thoughts for positive traits like empathy and gratitude.

Social media like Skype, Hangouts, Slack, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can bring colleagues and friends together, reducing stress by increasing collaboration with co-workers when out of the office and connection with friends who can offer commiseration and solutions when issues pop up.

Stress increases sleeplessness . And sleepnesses spills over into the workplace. Sleep Better with Runtastic and Sleep Time help the wide awake set up optimal conditions for sleep.

FocusWatch reminds workers to take periodic breaks – the more artistic, the better – to  decrease emotional stress. Get up and walk around, especially if you sit at a desk most of the day. Or go back to your childhood with Colorfy , the digital version of relaxation coloring books for adults. Creativity can help users take a mental break from work and increase productivity when they get back to their desk, reducing work-related stress. 


Even tactile apps like Squeeze and Shake – where a virtual rubber duck becomes the harmless outlet for negative feelings.

HelloMind users pick out their negative personality traits and receive suggestions for hypnotherapy that can change negative thoughts into positive tendencies.

For temporary stress caused by life’s struggles, try 7 Cups , an app that connects users with “active listeners” who guide them through difficult and stressful issues.

Whether you decide to de-stress through mental changes, emotional “me” time or metaphysics, you don’t need to look far. After all, there’s an app for that.


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