Apps Help Business Travelers

With everyone on social media, actual travel has been eliminated.


Travel is still a necessity in business, whether the cost is to a company or an individual ‑ and is expensive.

Some HR managers and salespeople are turning to Airbnb and other applications, not only to save money but, to give travels a comfortable home away from home.


Airbnb for Work dashboard is a business platform and “provides a free dashboard that makes it easier to book and manage company trips on Airbnb,” according to its website.

The company adds that the dashboard connects teams on business trips.

If your agency or company doesn’t book travel for you, search for “work-ready” homes through a filter, which lists residences with wi-fi and internet access, along with reviews, check-in options, home types, and amenities.

The home type selection filter in Airbnb for Work is targeted to business-friendly options: houses, apartments, bungalows, cabins, chalets, townhouses, villas, guesthouses, lofts, condos, hotels and bed, and breakfasts.

To be listed on the Airbnb for Work roster, homeowners must supply the following:

Essentials and toiletries, such as soap, shampoo, linens, pillows, and towels

  • Self and late night check-in, whether a key lockbox, doorman, keypad or smart lock
  • Wi-fi
  • TV
  • Iron
  • Hair dryer
  • Hangers
  • Laptop-friendly workspace
  • Working smoke detector (mandated after July 1 this year)

Hosts must also respond to 90 percent of booking requests within 24 hours, measured over the last year of operation and have flexible, or at least moderate, cancelation policies.

HR managers may already have an Airbnb account and you may already be signed up. To join your company team on Airbnb, link your work email to the company’s existing Airbnb account – or create a new one for your company. See how-tos at Airbnb for instructions.

Apps competing with Airbnb

Claire is a “simple travel management platform for small teams,” according to Product Hunt. Travelers may “chat with Claire” to book travel, then the program remembers preferences to find appropriate options.

The app 30SecondsToFly is a business-to-business online travel assistant.

Hyperbnb searches for potential Airbnb venues through more targeted filters then Airbnb offers.

OpenCribs is attempting to “create more trust” in the market and links directly to suppliers and links travel expenses internally, directly to a project.

Research is key. Read reviews with a skeptical eye and dig deep to find the right fit for you and your organization. Use the app’s reviews, messaging, profiles, verified IDs and secure payment platforms before deciding which app to use.


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