5 Keys to Successful Business Relationships

5 Keys to Successful Business Relationships


Anyone who’s ever been part of the business world knows that no business is an island. From the day a business is founded – and in many cases, well before a business is founded – relationships are formed. Relationships with other businesses and business owners, with vendors, with customers, business associations, and sometimes even the competition. These relationships are the foundation of any successful business, and must be carefully cultivated.

Here are 5 keys to maintaining successful business relationships.

Embrace Change. The worst thing you can do as a business owner is assume that everything will stay the same and that all of your relationships are static. People change. Situations change. Priorities change. Make sure you’re able to change with them.

Touch Base. Clients and cohorts alike want to know that you’re thinking about them, and you should be. Sending regular emails or picking up the phone is a great way to show that your relationships are top of mind and to see if anyone needs anything. And if they do, take care of it.

Let Go. Not every business relationship is perfect, and some are downright detrimental. If you’re in a business relationship that’s decidedly lopsided, or more trouble than it’s worth, don’t be afraid to cut ties. Just be respectful and don’t burn bridges.

Work It. You can’t depend on existing business relationships to carry you forever. You’ve got to get out there, meet new people, and forge new relationships. The more people you know, and the more they know you, the better.

Give. Always be looking for ways to give back to people you’re in business relationships with, especially when it comes to opportunities. If you see a chance to give someone a leg up, don’t hesitate. It will pay dividends in the long run.

Business relationships, like any other kind of relationships, are not easy and require work. But if you take the above advice and keep it in mind every day, you’ll have plenty of positive relationships to show for it!


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