A Health Workplace

Help your Employees be more Productive People

Making employee health and wellness part of corporate culture is important for companies who want to attract and retain the best employees. Here are some terrific ideas adapted from a list published in HR Wire that you may want to implement in your own workplace:

  • 1. Pay attention to ergonomics. Paying attention to complaints about poor lighting, or uncomfortable desks. You’ll eliminate strain-related injuries, and improve morale and productivity.
  • 2. Use an employee bulletin board or newsletter as a means of educating your employees about health issues that affect them.
  • 3. Encourage healthy eating habits by providing healthy snacks in vending machines (pretzels, granola, fruit, and juices, for example). Make sure healthy foods are offered at company functions. Encourage brown-bagging by providing a microwave and refrigerator (home-packed lunches generally beat a burger and fries for nutritional content.)
  • 4. Promote an in-house exercise program. Set aside a corner of the warehouse for weight training equipment, or begin a break-time walking program. Hold company-sponsored events like a 5K fun run or a “reduce your percentage of body fat” competition.
  • 5. Encourage your employees to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life. Make sure an employee’s personal time is not consistently compromised by deadlines that require frequent overtime.
  • 6. Improve employee morale and your community through a program of corporate volunteerism.Contact the work-life specialists in our Human Resource Department for ideas about programs that we can help you implement today.

“For every dollar spent on healthy lifestyle habits, a company can save six dollars or more on hospital, disability and workers compensation costs,”
-Lisa Rubino, executive for CareAmerica.